We’re entering a new frontier in the workforce, and now more than ever, employees are looking toward leaders for guidance on how to navigate this time of uncertainty. 

As companies increasingly need to become more virtually connected, flexible, and dynamic, soft skills are critical. Soft skills are a combination of people skills, social skills, attitudes, and character traits that enable people to navigate their environment.

The good news?

Soft skills are teachable. They are also foundational to creating strong employees, teams, leaders and organizations. As a leader, lean into your soft skills to minimize stress and anxiety while maximizing trust throughout your teams.

Here are 4 ways to develop soft skills during hard times:

#1 – Resilience 
We often think of resilience as something realized after a challenge or difficult event, but research has proven that resilience is a set of habits, behaviors, and skills that can be practiced and honed to minimize burnout, improve motivation and engagement, and overcome obstacles and setbacks. Research has shown that more than education, experience, and training, a person’s resilience will be the largest determinant of success and a key factor in helping leaders navigate workplace stress, change, and adversity. 

Anne Grady has launched a NEW virtual resilience keynote – Resilience Reset. This interactive session focuses on three areas (Mindset, Skillset, Reset) where you can cultivate the skills and habits to build resilience proactively, so that you have it when you need it most. Anne would love to help you and your team build resilience so that you can not only survive this difficult time but to grow stronger as a result.

#2 – Energy Management 
⁠Learning and leading from home is our new normal, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. Time spent working should be valued on quality over quantity. Holistic wealth expert Leanne Jacobs believes that energy management is the new time management. The new era of leadership is foundation-strong, and that means we have to be strong, and for that, energy has to be high. 

When we’re not taking care of ourselves, we tend to have higher potential to be triggered emotionally and act in an unhealthy way when it comes to our careers and money. From a leadership perspective, you have to be able to hold space for success. There is a responsibility to take care of ourselves and set boundaries around time so we don’t burn out from stress overload.

#3 – Harness an Entrepreneurial Mindset
In our rapidly changing business environment in the midst of a global pandemic, leaders must embrace an entrepreneurial mindset. The entrepreneurial mindset is what you need to propel yourself forward, pursue your goals, and take advantage of opportunities. 

Many industries are changing, but there is also massive opportunity if you are willing to be innovative and hustle. Personal Brand Expert, Richard Janes, teaches leaders how to live like a start-up.

While we can’t do everything, we are often capable of achieving much more than we realize. The issue lies with our stubborn fixation on achieving end goals which, more often than not, paralyzes our ability to take enough consistent and regular steps to achieve our dreams. But what steps should we be taking? Richard challenges leaders to approach every aspect of their life more like a Silicon Valley Startup. As you will learn in this deeply heartfelt virtual session, a Minimum Viable Person Lifestyle saved Richard’s life and will leave your team with the tools to supercharge their own productivity and take their position as one of life’s Most Valuable Players. 

#4 – Heart-Centered Leadership
Billy Goldberg believes companies with strategy, operations, and communications processes that reflect their mission, vision, and values have a productivity and profit advantage. Creating a culture led by the heart impacts your team, their performance, your client experience and yes, even profits. Soft skills are the new hard skills.

The keys: building rapport, finding out what matters to each party, and creating individual solutions to achieve results. 

Heart-centered leaders focus on aligning the goals of the organization with the activities of the team or system they have built. Now is the time to make the “new normal” your continuously upleveled business as usual. Take the time to do it now.
Our speakers are THE next generation of personal development thought leaders. We offer premiere leadership development at the click of a button. Curating experiences that focus on building key soft skills for managing uncertainty. 

Our mission is to keep offering more value and continuously adapting to the needs of both speakers and clients. Let us bring the stage to your screen. Get in touch today!

– Amy

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