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Best-Selling Author, Two-time TEDx Speaker, Inspirer, and Contributor to Entrepreneur & Harvard Business Review 


Anne Grady is not your typical motivational speaker. She is a best-selling author, two-time TEDx speaker, trainer, survivor, optimist, inspirer, and a truth-bomb dropper.

Anne Grady has a master’s degree in organizational communication and has spent the last twenty years working with some of the largest organizations around the globe.

She has become known as a leading expert on communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, and resilience, contributing to Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, FOX Business and many more.

Audiences love her raw honesty, edgy humor, authenticity, and insight. Anne Grady shares inspiring personal stories, cutting edge, research-based content, and implementation tools to transfer learning into real life to improve relationships, navigate change, and triumph over adversity. And she’ll make you laugh while she does it.

In her first book, "52 Strategies for Life, Love & Work,"​ Anne Grady provides practical strategies to improve relationships, increase productivity and reduce stress.

In her most recent book, "Strong Enough: Choosing Courage, Resilience and Triumph,"​ Anne draws from her personal life experiences that touch the hearts and minds of audiences helping them use adversity as a catalyst to grow "strong enough"​.



RESILIENCE RESET: It’s Your Turn to Thrive!

The ability to successfully navigate change, rise above adversity, and triumph in our lives boils down to one word: RESILIENCE

When faced with challenges, ambiguity, and adversity, those who practice resilience refuse to let fear hold them back, and they break through the barriers keeping them stuck to not only survive difficult times, but thrive as a result. Learn how to cultivate courage, improve resilience, and triumph over adversity, obstacles, and setbacks.

LEADING THROUGH INFLUENCE: Maximize Performance and Potential

Learn research-based, bold strategies to improve relationships.  Leadership is the art of positively influencing the attitudes, behaviors, and skills of others.  Regardless of title, a leader is someone who builds trust and credibility, communicates effectively, and knows how to leverage the strengths and motivators of themselves and others. Rather than react to problems, great leaders develop strategies to proactively minimize them.

FAIL FASTER: Building Resilient Leaders!

Agility, grit, and resilience are the new leadership currency.

Have you ever thought about all the massively successful products, creations and innovations we enjoy today because their inventors/creators were able to consistently bounce back and overcome failure?

Failure is a hot topic in the business world today. That’s because we are starting to recognize that failure is information, and it comes with valuable lessons, if we can shift our viewpoint to see and embrace them.

BALANCE IS BULL$#@!: Defining Priorities To Find Peace Of Mind

With all the discussion about how to achieve work-life balance, we have overlooked a big problem with this idea: our lives are not supposed to be balanced with equal time for everything. When every priority claims itself as the most urgent, and there always seems to be more to do than time to do it, maintaining focus on your top priorities can be difficult.

Can you be the executive who thrives at business, the parent who volunteers at their child’s school, the friend who maintains an active social life, and yet still remain fit and fun? Maybe for a short time, but it certainly isn’t sustainable.

There is really no such thing as work-life balance. It’s BULL$#@! and we are making ourselves crazy trying to find it amidst the overload of information that characterizes life today.


Build Resilience, Optimize Sales Performance.
Resilience increases your sales success!


They expect it and then use the information to iterate, innovate, and inspire. It all comes down to thinking and behaving strategically and proactively.

We often think of resilience as something you realize after a challenge or difficult event, but research has proven that resilience is a set of habits, behaviors, and skills that can be practiced and honed to minimize burnout, improve motivation and engagement, and overcome obstacles and setbacks.

Sales leaders can learn to respond positively to setbacks, better stay on track, and drive business results.


Sales leaders and teams face ambiguity, change, and uncertainty, and this affects their physical, emotional, and psychological  well-being. That impacts the overall success of the organization. If not handled correctly, obstacles and adversity can diminish the ability to accomplish goals, break down team cohesiveness and morale, drain resources, lower productivity and adversely affect performance.

This demanding business environment and relentless frenetic pace require a new set of skills that help sales leaders and their teams navigate overcome setbacks, and remain innovative and agile despite external circumstances. That skillset is resilience.

Research has shown that more than education, experience, and training, a person’s resilience will be the largest determinant of success and a key factor in helping sales leaders navigate workplace stress, change, and adversity.


  • Build emotional intelligence to improve influence, communication, and relationships
  • Manage stress, ambiguity, and uncertainty
  • Develop research-proven strategies to build grit and grow resilience
  • Define success, get clear on priorities, and build a plan of action


May these brave pioneers inspire you.

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