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Gratitude is Good Business

As “touchy-feely” as it may seem, gratitude has been cited as the NUMBER ONE predictor of well-being. Did you know that practicing gratitude reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) by 23%, lowers blood pressure, increases metabolism, and just makes you happier? Here are 3 more reasons why gratitude is good business: 1. SHOWING APPRECIATION SHOULD BE…

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To Tell A Great Story, Start With Love ❤

Richard Janes’ storytelling street cred speaks for itself. Screenwriter for Walt Disney ☑️Emmy Award-Winner ☑️Digital Series Creator for Hulu, Google, and Facebook ☑️Hollywood’s Go-To Personal Branding Expert ☑️ But in October 2006, he was rushed to the hospital, weighing just 110 lbs, and told he had two choices. The removal of his colon then and there or, if he walked…

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How Women Can Empower Themselves to Be Strong Leaders

Good news!  More women are owning their own businesses. Between 1997 and 2014, the total number of women-owned businesses in the United States increased by 68 percent. As a woman-owned business, we love this statistic. But…as women, we nurture, multi-task and often take responsibility for things that are not ours. From talking with women leaders,…

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The 5 Saboteurs of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship, starting anything from nothing, is brutally hard. “Conscious” entrepreneurship–building a business that doesn’t just serve a consumer need and generate profit, but also makes a bigger difference–is even harder. Because it’s not just about money, it’s about unleashing expression, connection and potential, and making meaning. Helping others rise. I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs…

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10 Questions to Transform Your Life

When faced with misfortune, most people are quick to lash out at others. Yet, high achievers know that it’s not laying blame that leads to success—it’s proudly taking ownership of every aspect of your life. These 10 questions will empower you to rise in almost any situation, allowing you to reset your energy, prepare actionable plans, and…

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spark joy | resilience | Anne Grady

5 Ways to Spark Joy with Resilience

Marie Kondo has become known as the “Guru of Tidying Up.”  Her KonMari method of decluttering has launched what NPR called “an organizational renaissance” as well as a New York Times bestselling book and Netflix series.  But her mission to help people declutter their homes has taken on a deeper meaning for many centered around one very simple question:…

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