Jonathan Fields - speaker


Award-Winning Author, Entrepreneur & Founder of The Good Life Project


A New York City dad, husband, and former SEC and mega-firm lawyer turned award-winning author, serial entrepreneur and expert in applied personal development and human potential, Jonathan Fields has founded a number of transformational wellness-companies, taught everything from yoga and mindfulness to entrepreneurship and innovation, and led workshops, events and retreats around the world for thousands.

His newest book, How to Live a Good Life: Soulful Stories, Surprising Science and Practical Wisdom, was a USA Today bestseller, and serves as an operating manual for a life well-lived. His prior book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance, was named #1 Personal Development Book of the year by 800-CEO-READ.

In addition, Jonathan Fields currently leads mission-driven media and education venture, Good Life Project®, and is the executive producer and host of the Good Life Project podcast, an audio juggernaut that is consistently ranked as one of the top podcasts in the world with more than 1,000,000 downloads/month and large global audience. The Wall Street Journal recently hailed it one of the best self-development podcasts, and The Guardian featured it in their Top-25 Episodes of the Year line-up.

On the education side, Jonathan Fields and his Good Life Project team produce events, trainings and retreats with the mission of empowering conscious business and better lives, and run a renowned annual adult summer camp, hosting more than 400 people at a 130-acre sleep-away camp, where attendees from around the world live, learn, play and connect for 3 ½ transformational days.

Jonathan has been featured widely in the media, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, Inc., Entrepreneur, The Guardian, USA Today, People, O Magazine, Vogue, Elle, Yoga Journal, SELF, Allure and thousands of other places that sound cool, but don’t impress his daughter all that much.

He also speaks globally for organizations and events of all sizes, from keynoting private meetings for clients like Deloitte, Paypal, GE, Novartis and twitter to taking the stage at mega-events like SXSW, World Domination Summit and many others.

When not building ventures, writing and producing, he can be found dancing around his living room with his wife and daughter, writing in the third person and listening to “real music.” #AirSupply. #KissFanClub.



SUCCESS SCAFFOLDING™: The 7 Critical Drivers of Success in Any Endeavor

We’ve all heard success in any endeavor is largely about having the right plan. The perfect strategy. The best information! That, it turns out, is a lie. With near-unlimited access to information these days, if this was true, we’d all be happy, wildly-accomplished, deeply-fulfilled millionaires. And, so many still struggle to find high-level, lasting success in work and life. Turns out, whether you’re looking to build a thriving organization or powerhouse career, launch a product or division, or lose weight and get fit, the “plan” is only 1/7th of what you need. To succeed at anything worth doing, you must put in place the remaining six critical ingredients of success.

In this inspiring and value-packed presentation, serial-entrepreneur, award-winning author and producer, Jonathan Fields, reveals his Success Scaffolding™ - the 7 critical, science-backed yet often ignored drivers of breakout success in any endeavor.

PRIMED FOR GROWTH: Turning Disruptive Change Into Fuel For Possibility

Disruption is the new black. Rapidly-shifting, high-stakes uncertainty has become the norm, and it’s never going away. Change, it turns out, is the new constant. This new reality can, and often does, paralyze people with fear and pull them apart. Even at the highest levels, we tend to be horribly equipped for disruptive change. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Properly explored, reframed and harnessed, it can become powerful fuel for innovation, connection, elevation and growth.

In this eye-opening keynote, serial-entrepreneur and award-winning author of Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance, Jonathan Fields, reveals a simple, yet highly-effective set of shifts, tools and practices needed to reframe change, uncertainty and disruption and allow those living with to harness it as fuel for growth, innovation and possibility.

EXQUISITE ATTENTION™: The Secret Communication Super-Skill

Whether you’re a leader, sales-person, innovator or entrepreneur, your success will always be fiercely-tied to your ability to cultivate trust, safety, devotion and a willingness to follow, collaborate, act or buy, pretty much on-demand in nearly any relationship. How does this happen? It’s less about what you “do and say,” and more about the quality of attention you bring to every conversation and relationship. It’s about Exquisite Attention. Master this capacity and every relationship, both in business and life, becomes exponentially deeper and more capable of impact, ease and elevation. Ignore it and you’ll forever wonder why, no matter how much you know and how hard you work, the pieces of the success and impact puzzle just never quite fall into place.

In this interactive keynote, former federal government investigative-attorney turned acclaimed interviewer, producer, serial-entrepreneur and award-winning author, Jonathan Fields, takes you into the world of the Attention Alchemist. Attendees with discover a powerful framework to cultivate Exquisite Attention “on-demand” and become armed with the ability to transform every conversation into an opportunity for extraordinary impact, service, creation and success.

SPARKED: Harnessing the Power of Purpose, Passion and Flow

What if the work you did felt like the work you were put on the planet to do? What if it filled you with purpose, was a true-expression of who you are and what you’re capable of, and dropped you consistently into that glorious, blissed-out state of flow? We call this being “Sparked!” And, here’s a horrible truth - the way most people work leaves them feeling the exact opposite. Instead of being Sparked, they plod through each day devoid of purpose, stifled, unmotivated and disengaged. Thing is, that is a choice, not a mandate.

You can choose to be Sparked, and then spark everyone else around you. It begins with discovering your unique “Sparketype™,” the distinct driver of purpose that lets you feel like you’re doing the work you were put on the planet to do. In this powerful presentation, drawing upon a revolutionary “meaningful work archetyping system” - the Sparketypes - developed by Jonathan Fields, every participant will discover their own Sparketype, then learn how to build upon it to craft a working life that, maybe for the first time ever, makes them come alive.


May these brave pioneers inspire you.

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