Anyone else feel like 2020 totally kicked your a**? I do!

But guess what? Sometimes that can be a good thing.

This year, we’ve been forced to find new ways to connect and create. We’re exploring the possibility of what could be…even as we wait.

During the upcoming holiday season, take some time to reset. Reflect on how far you’ve come this year. Get intentional about what you want success to look like by this time next year.

Need a little help getting started? 

Here are 4 areas to focus on as you map out your personal and professional development goals:

1. Resilience
One of the most powerful things you can do to build resilience is to shift your mindset. Your mindset is a set of conscious and unconscious beliefs that affect how you think about your abilities, how you behave, how you affect those around you, and how you view the adversity in your life. This view profoundly affects the way you live your life.

Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur, and two-time TEDx speaker Anne Grady has spent the last two decades working with Fortune 500 companies, associations, non-profits, government agencies, and school districts, to teach resilience as a skill that can be learned, practiced, and honed. Anne began studying the brain and neurodevelopment to find answers while searching for treatment options for her son, Evan, after he was diagnosed with severe mental illness and Autism. Then, after being diagnosed with an avocado-sized tumor in her salivary gland in 2014, she had to lean on the tools she learned with her son to help her through this difficult time. Now, she wants to help others cultivate the habits and skills to build strength through struggle with the science behind resilience.

2. Heart-Centered Leadership
Over the last 10 years, Billy Goldberg has been an organizational catalyst and “CEO whisperer.” His companies focus on creating meaningful partnerships between organizations, building cultures, crafting strategies, and developing heart-centered leaders – all with the objective of accelerating growth and increasing revenue.

For his clients and the world, this is about connecting with what really matters and seeing the results that come from leading with your heart. If mindfulness is about leaders getting quiet to think about why they do what they do, then “heartfulness” is about how they go about doing it. The results can be palpable and increased profits will come. Billy lives by the phrase ‘Trust the process’. So if there is a delay, accept it as an opportunity to catch-up on work, work out if possible, read, or connect with someone new. 

3. Inspired Action
Money is simply energy and by focusing on your energetic state, abundance in all areas of your life naturally follows: your energetic state improves, and you will lead an Alive as Shit life.  

Founder of Poo~Pourri and supernatural, Suzy Batiz, wants every person to know that they already have everything inside of them to make their dreams come true. So many people think they need a plan or strategy before they can start, so they spend months or even years dreaming and researching and strategizing an idea or business they want to create…and then they never actually bring it to life. While research and planning is amazing and necessary at times, we have a tendency to get stuck in analysis paralysis. What we need more of in the world is inspired action. Don’t get bogged down in trying to plan with painstaking detail. Ask yourself: What action can I take NOW that’s within arm’s reach? Movement creates energy and provides momentum that will propel you forward.

4. Your Authentic Story 
At different points in our life/career we are given the opportunity to ‘level up’ – to go from being a big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a bigger pond. 

Yes, it would be easier to retreat back and stay in our familiar ‘safe’ pond. Yes, the bigger pond carries so much unknown and is a little bit (a lot at times) intimidating! Yes, the coming months are not going to be easy as we break down things that have served us well in the past, but are not good enough for the next chapter. 

EmmyⓇ Award-winning Personal Brand Expert, Richard Janes, takes a holistic view of personal branding, believing that a personal brand can only be successful if implemented through every aspect of a person’s life and that the key to a successful personal brand is its growth from an individual’s’ unique life purpose. You have a purpose and swimming in the bigger pond – vs retreating – will enable you to have a greater impact in fulfilling your own unique and personal destiny. 

Wishing you a healthy, merry, and happy holiday! I am so grateful for your support and hope you’ll reach out next year for any keynote speaker needs. We are here for you!!

I’ll leave you with a quote that my Mom texted me earlier this week because moms always know what to say:

There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm. 
– Willa Cather

Stay the course. You got this. Bring it on 2021!

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