I was reading an article this week in The New Yorker about how pandemics change history. The author of the piece interviewed a well-known historian who said, “Epidemics, like the coronavirus (COVID-19) are a mirror for humanity, reflecting the relationships that people have toward one another.”

We’re all having the same shared experiences. We know the world has changed, and we know we have to change with it. So when things come back to whatever it is we ultimately call our new “normal”, what do you want to be known for?

I want to be known for my determination and tenacity. For my ability to relate to almost anyone that I come into contact with because of my background and my story. Don’t know my story? Get to know me here. 👇🏻 

Amy Taylor - Speaker Services

I’ve spent the last decade booking speakers. I’m an entrepreneur, booking agent and event planning strategist focused on placement of the best personal development speakers in the world. My experience in the business of account management and event execution has provided opportunities to travel the world, meet inspiring people and run flawless programs.

I spent two years at SUCCESS Magazine and have since become extremely passionate about providing people with the information and inspiration they need to design a meaningful and successful life. I’m committed to the values and vision of tomorrow’s leaders. Ready to share the ideas of those who hope to lead change in the world.

My advice during this unprecedented time: Get crystal clear on the value you provide. Figure out the true “end result” that you deliver, and continue delivering that end result. Do that and you will have your reward. 

Even if you have to do it in a totally new (and virtual) way…stay in the game.

The Curator of TED, Chris Anderson, said, “We live in an era where the best way to make a dent on the world may be simply to stand up and say something because both the words and the passion with which they are delivered can now spread across the world at warp speed.”

Our speakers deliver premiere leadership development at the click of a button. Curating experiences that focus on building key skills for managing uncertainty: resilience, energy management, harnessing an entrepreneurial mindset, heart-centered leadership, and more. Online learning makes it simple and convenient to keep building vital skills for the future.

Reach out today. Let’s #LearnThroughThis together.

– Amy

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